Tap room, bottles and sneak peeks

Hey all,

I just wanted to address some questions we get asked often on social media, namely:

  • When is the tap room opening?

  • Where can I buy some bottles?

Let me think about those for a second……………The short answer is soon and soon.

The longer more accurate answer is that the tap room is ready to go and we are just waiting for our premises licence to come through, unfortunately our fate rests in the hands of the Lambeth Council Licensing gods…. lets hope they are in a merciful mood after Christmas!

All being well hopefully this all gets sorted in January and we can open up the tap room.

Also available for hand modelling gigs

Also available for hand modelling gigs

Bottles! We hear you loud and clear they are coming!

I’m expecting them to be ready at the end of the month along with a couple of new beers, a 3.5% pale ale and a 5.4% stout.

Thats all you are getting on the new beers for now, more info in the coming weeks.

Ian x

Ian Hewitt